Professional Music and Vocal Production Services

We produce your songs and music to professional, industry standard
so you can confidently release your songs commercially or get sync placements in film, TV, ads and games.

PoppyMoth is a boutique team of top-level vocalists, songwriters, musicians, producers, composers and mix and mastering engineers.

Let us produce your songs and music to professional, industry standard. They will sound AMAZING and you will be free to proudly promote your music, and fully focus on being the artist, songwriter or musician you truly are.

No more tech or production stress - we'll take care of all of that for you!


Whether you need a single lead vocal for your demo or a full production of your music that is sync-ready, radio-ready and release-ready, we provide comprehensive music and vocal production services.


Want sync placements for your music? We've got a range of sync services for you - including a Song Production Review Service, a Metadata Mini Course and our FREE guide, How To Get Sync Placements.


Need custom created songs, sound design or full scores for your media? Poppy Moth specialises in music for film, TV and games, and has major movie trailers credits, films scores, games and TV credits under our belt!

PoppyMoth services include:

  • Music Production

  • Vocal Production

  • Toplining & Songwriting

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • Full Orchestration

  • Music for Film, TV, Games & Ads

  • Song Production Reviews

  • Sync Resources

  • Mindset Resources

Got questions? We're here to help and we look forward to hearing from you!

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