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Do You Know That Having a Strong, Healthy, Success Mindset Is The Foundation for Absolutely Everything Else You Want in Music?

A few years ago, I walked away from music.

I had had enough of the disappointments, of being broke, of pouring my heart and time and energy into something that seemed to give no tangible return.

I felt like such a failure that it was hard to even listen to music because any music was a reminder to me of what other musicians were doing right that I wasn't.

Heavy, right?

But that was then!

In the last few years I have:

  • learned to produce

  • composed the score for two feature films (and I'm now scoring my third)

  • custom created sync songs for movies

  • created Poppy Moth

  • released artist projects

  • worked with wonderful, kindred-spirit musicians

  • had songs placed in libraries

  • made more music - that I absolutely love - than in my whole life before

So what changed?


I changed how I thought about music and how I approached music and everything dramatically transformed for me.

And I realised that a strong, healthy, success mindset is the foundation for everything in music (and life!)

And that's what 7 Gentle Steps To A Success Mindset For Musicians is all about!

Music can be a rollercoaster ride.

It can be absolute magic, but it can also be tough.

To stay in the game, to stay happy and to withstand the ups-and-downs, it’s important to have a strong, healthy, success mindset so you can stay on your unique path and let the other stuff roll off you.

You may groan at the word “mindset” - and I know, it's not as sexy or exciting as sold out show or big royalty payment, but a strong, healthy mindset is the foundation for everything else you want.

And just like a foundation is not the most exciting part of a house, it is what everything else is built on and nothing works without it.


Hi, I'm Aoife O'Leary.

I’m a singer, songwriter, producer, composer, the creator of PoppyMoth Productions and the author of this 7 Gentle Steps To A Success Mindset For Musicians guide.

I work with so many musicians, singers, songwriters and producers as part of Poppy Moth, and I witness the same limiting mindset patterns holding the most amazing musicians back.

I created this Free guide, 7 Gentle Steps to a Success Mindset for Musicians for you, to help you shift your mindset to one that helps you create more of what you want with more ease in your music and life!

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