Are you ready to MOVE BEYOND FEAR so you can get better and more exciting opportunities for your music with much more ease?

It all starts with how you think...

I learned how to move beyond fear the hard way.

In the last year, I was hired to compose the score for my first feature film.

I've been working in music a long time, but scoring was a brand new, scary and completely daunting world for me, and the very thought of it absolutely fulled me with fear like I had not experienced in a long, long time.

For days after I got the offer, my stomach was knotted tight with tension and anxiety, my heart was racing intensely, my head was felt full to bursting with all sorts of thoughts...

I can't do this.

I can't read or write music.

I can't even properly play an instrument.

I do understand melody though.

I would just let everybody down.

It's too big a project for me to take on.

It does sound kinda exciting...

I'm just going to have to say no.

But what if I said yes...?

I've only been producing in a DAW for a year.

I'm not a composer.

And on and on and on...

When I calmed down, I started to think more clearly.

This might sound a bit strange, but I became the observer of my thinking.

I observed that my body sensations and frantic thoughts were all, basically, fear running unchecked.

And I noticed in the middle of all of that chaos there was a thought patiently waiting for my attention:

"But what if I said YES...?"

And the feelings associated with that thought were every bit as visceral as those of fear, but different - I felt tears well up in my eyes, a surge of happiness and shivers of excitement through my spine.

And I KNEW that I HAD to figure out how to MOVE BEYOND FEAR .

Spoiler alert: I did move beyond fear and I co-composed not one, but two, movies last year. And it was life changing in wonderful ways.

And I created this Masterclass, MOVE BEYOND FEAR, to show you how to move beyond YOUR fear, so you can do and create what you really want too.

Are you ready?


A Masterclass for Musicians and Creatives

This is a deep dive into mastering your mindset around fear in a way that is gentle, grounded and lasting.

This masterclass

includes a 3-part video training with accompanying exercises and an eBook, and you can do this Masterclass at your own pace.

In Move Beyond Fear you will:

  • Identify patterns and habits of thinking that are blocking you succeeding in the ways you want.

  • Discover simple shifts you can make that will help you creating positive changes in your career and life.

  • Find out how to reframe fear so that it loses all it's charge.

  • Courageously go for things you previously didn’t believe were possible for you.

  • Play bigger, be happier and have more fun in your life.

MOVE BEYOND FEAR is a deep dive into mindset mastery and into moving beyond fear.

Being musicians and creatives there can be a lot of uncertainty in our lives - around money, around where the next job is going to come from, around whether or not something we are working on will be well-received, and all of that is a beautiful recipe for fear.

As we know, fear is part of being human, so feelings of fear don't exactly ever go away.

But the wonderful news is that we absolutely can learn how to work with them, so that although feelings of fear may still be present for us, they don't need to hold the same "charge". You are aware of the feelings, but they don't have the same pull over you.

And when you get to that place fear need never hold you back again.

Sound good?

Hi, I'm Aoife O'Leary.

I’m a singer, songwriter, producer, composer, the creator of PoppyMoth Productions and this MOVE BEYOND FEAR Masterclass.

After learning how to MOVE BEYOND FEAR , as I share in this Masterclass, amazing things have unfolded for me - including:

* composing the score for 2 feature films

* creating PoppyMoth Productions
* creating a course Intro to Scoring

* writing custom-songs for movies

I didn't have the capacity to attract or hold these things few years ago, but it's much easier now, because of implementing what I share in MOVE BEYOND FEAR.

I am excited for you to create amazing opportunities that are a perfect fit for YOU, and to live life in a way that feels more easeful too.

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