Do you want to get placements in film, TV and games but you're unsure that the production quality of your music is a match for industry standard?

Do you have home-produced songs or music that you want to release commercially with full confidence that your release will be perfect for all streaming services and for multiple devices?

PoppyMoth can help.

We offer a Song Production Review Service where you submit your songs or music for professional feedback about what adjustments would bring your productions to industry standard.

By creating music production that is conventionally accepted as industry standard, you can be sure that your music will be ready for sync-placements, radio play and streaming and will sound great whether it is played on an arena sound system, on a home stereo or on a cell phone or car radio.

Want to learn more about how your Song Production Review process unfolds? Click HERE.

  • Get detailed feedback about your song structure and instrumentation.

  • Receive guidance about the balance and levels in your song production.

  • Feel confident that your music is of professional standard or learn what you need to change to get it there.

  • Get advanced production suggestions to elevate your music to the next level.

  • Increase chances of sync placement through learning sync-specific approaches.

  • Get friendly and warm professional feedback.

  • Have the option to fully redeem your investment against PoppyMoth Music and Vocal Production services if you order within a week of receiving your song production review.

Hi, I'm Aoife O'Leary.

I’m a singer, songwriter, producer, composer, the creator of PoppyMoth Productions.

The PoppyMoth team has decades of professional experience in performance, production, orchestration and composition.

A song production review can provide you with the information and guidance you need to bring your own productions to the industry standard necessary for commercial releases and sync placements.

Our Song Production Review is also fully redeemable against PoppyMoth Music And Vocal Production Services, should you rather we do the production work for you.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us HERE or using the form below!

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